Friday, September 4, 2009

telling god about our clogged sink

oh, my mr. ben.

yesterday, he left the table during breakfast to take care of some business in the bathroom. a few minutes later i hear,
"flush" "mom, uuhh, i think we've got a problem."

not something you want to hear coming from the bathroom.

so i yell back, "what is it?"

"just get in here!!"

i leave gracie at the kitchen table to enjoy the rest of her yogurt covered waffle she's eating for breakfast to go check out who knows what. i come in there to find the sink almost overflowing.

"what's going on?" i ask

"i don't know"

"did you put something down the sink, or something fall in?"

"i don't know, i think gracie put something in there."

"gracie wasn't even in here. just tell the truth & you won't get in any trouble." i say.

"well, i've already talked to god about it & said i was sorry, so it's ok." says ben.

"but you need to tell momma too."

"i can't"

"please. you can tell the truth. i know you can." i had a pretty good idea it was the bouncy ball he had been playing with during breakfast that made it's way into our sink, but wanted him to tell me. i have been working on my patience with my kiddos & was hoping this would be a good lesson for him about telling the truth & trusting me that i wouldn't get mad.

"i dropped the toothpaste lid down the sink when i was brushing my teeth," he said.
i got out the toothpaste & the lid was still on it. i was very disappointed. i told him so & asked him to please again tell me the truth. i told him i would not get mad.

"ok, ok, i dropped the ball" he said almost in a whisper with his tears in his eyes not looking at me. my poor baby was scared to tell me.

"well, let's see if we can get the water down," i said & stuck a metal clothes hanger down the drain. clog solved, but ball gone gone.

"can we get another ball?"

"not today, but thank you for finally telling me the truth. don't you feel better?

"i love you momma" sealed with a big hug & kiss

that day at school, he even told mrs. p (his preschool teacher, whom he adores) all about the event. his fear that i would be angry, his lying, telling god, telling the truth & losing the ball. he tells her everything! she told him he needed to make sure & tell his momma the truth & that she wouldn't be angry at him. thank you, mrs. p.

i feel bad that he was scared i would be angry. there have been times where i have been short with the kids, but i have really been working on that. really hard. i feel bad that we don't take the kiddos to church like we should, that they aren't exposed to some of the life values i learned in sunday school through the stories(we have noticed ben is learning these at his preschool though). this sunday, we have a plan to go to church where he goes to preschool. i'll let ya know how that goes...

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Aimee said...

What a great story.

Jaye Conaway said...

Nice. Nothing like talking things out calmly, piecing together a problem, and finding avenues for a fix. Same with faucets and drainage as with everything.

Jaye @ All Hours