Friday, September 18, 2009

on my, i mean my kiddos, wish list

we love our building sets around here. we've got lots... magnatiles(our favorite right now), abc blocks, foam blocks, big cardboard blocks, big foam blocks that velcro together, wedgits (a close second favorite), bristle blocks, and even some i can't think of at this time. the kiddos play with whatever sets are available to them everyday (we do a toy rotation & sometimes toys are in the basement). i think you can't go wrong with blocks. blocks can do & be so many things. both of our kiddos just love to build, build build.

i discoverd some new blocks on the market that look super cool! they are called tegu blocks. quite a bit pricey, but look oh so fun! there are magnets inside of the blocks, so the kiddos can build in all sorts of new ways. this company also looks like one of those "green" type companies (if that's the proper classifaction). for a set of blocks you buy, you have the option of sending a Honduran child to school for a day or planting a tree. pretty cool

when their facebook fan base reaches 1000, they are having some special, so let's rack up those #'s folks! (i'm hoping for a temporary price drop, or a giveaway - keeping my fingers crossed)

i think these are definately going on mine, i mean the kiddos wish list for christmas!

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Aimee said...

Wow, so many blocks! Your little engineers must have amazing imaginations.