Wednesday, September 9, 2009

supper at selvin & a papaw update

this evening, the kiddos & i drove up to eat dinner with papaw. we went & ate at the selvin country store. a little bitty town in the middle of nowhere with some super yummy cheeseburgers and some good people. papaw likes to go here for breakfast & dinner i think.
well, here's papaw a few months after his surgery....on his right hand side was where the huge tumor used to be, no more. looks great now i think. he's still doing chemo once a week, but he is going strong. he's a tough old cookie but a big softie for his little great grandaughter.

gracie lounging on the loafers bench in the store. it has all the regulars' names carved in on it. it's like a family that come to the store. when pap was really sick, some from the hangout would come & check on him. good folks.

hope all are having a great week!

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The Jarrett Family said...

Gosh I forgot that Selvin existed! He looks great and you can just see that twinkle in Miss Gracie's eye when she is with him!!