Wednesday, July 28, 2010

vacation pictures part 1, in no particular order...

it's been hard to start a post on the vacation.  i wish it wouldn't have ended.  man, i love the beach & we had some fun.  & i took a ton of pictures, so lots to go through.  here are some of my favorite hundred or so... i hope to put them in order & add some captions soon, but it's 4 in the morn & i need some sleep. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

ain't nothing gonna slow her down, oh no she's got to keep on movin'

no foot brace cast is gonna put a stop to the fun gracie has.  no way jose.  

saturday, we went to build a bear.  what a crazy place that is!  my oh my.  & they were running a "special deal" that day.  i had a hard time letting my little gal pick out the outfit for her dino, it didn't look quite right to me but it was hers & i let her.  i even showed my 2 angels the bear mommy would pick out if i were making one (thinking they might make it for me).  no.  last time we'll be going there for a while i think.  (& to the mall, too much meltdown for us!)

here she is wrestling around at my friend's birthday party saturday night.  it's hard to tell, but ethan is at the bottom of that pile up.  no matter how many times we tell her to be careful, she does her own thing.  that's for sure! 

momma loves this silly 3 year old face.  she's holding onto 2 of her new birthday animals; a pink piggy & a pink pony.