Monday, September 14, 2009

happy birthday miss embry!

we were able to join in the celebration of miss embry's first birthday this weekend. she is such the sweetest thing, she was happy her entire party & afterparty!

her daddy & daddio have been friends since the second grade. daddio has a great group of guy friends that have known each other since waay back when. all the guys have awesome wives that i love to hang out with too. the get togethers have been toned down a bit over the years, but are still fun for all.

miss embry was such a sweet hostess, sharing her cake with all of her friends.

gracie never left her side when there was cake (gracie like cake!).

for most of the party, mr. ben was outside trying to win friends & influence people on the playground. (note, he's picking on someone much bigger than him. they were playing & having fun!)
thank you beth, brandon and embry for such a fun party, we hope to see you again soon!

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