Monday, September 29, 2008

halloween costumes

here's the start to our blog... my friend karen blogs & it's so fun to read what they are up to. i hope to use this blog as a journal of sorts, to share with friends & family the fun & not so fun things in daily life around our home.

i've been working on the kiddos halloween costumes. miss cecee will be a butterfly using the tutu from her 1 year old pictures.

i appliqued a butterfly onto a onesie for her top. her wings were made out of coat hangers & tulle. her costume seems to be missing something, glitter or butterfly barrettes perhaps? i can't get a good pic on her, so the teddy bear is modeling tonight.

mr. bean wants to be batman. so, i think he will be wearing his batman pjs that night. i'm going to try & make a hooded cape for him. i was so sure he would be a bug. he likes to dress ups like a bug in his bath towel everynight & daddio flys him around the room. i scream & pretend to swat him until he says " mama it's just me!"

i just love halloween! it was the first time daddio & i ever went out. i had the time of my life that night at the parties & everyday just keeps getting better with him. thank you hun!
we have the home all spooked out ready for the zero trick or treaters that come! hopefully, our good cousins will have a get together even thought they are all almost grown out of the halloween excitement.