Wednesday, March 30, 2011

some more spring break fun

we didn't do too much at all on spring break... but, that's ok.  momma wasn't feeling the best & gracie either.  we still had fun playing with their bestest friends, alaina & annabelle, watching daddio play ball,  having a nice visit with namaw & poppy and of course, tie-dying some stuff.

poppy's girl
 ben was dying to show them some of his wii skills, so we came inside to watch some video game action. 

yelling for the blue team at daddio's game!
tie-dying in action on one of the beautiful days we had. 

the kiddos in their hand decorated shirts.  i think we'll get lots of fun out of these since we used washable markers!  ben's is cars.
 gracie's is a silly monkey, kinda like her. :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

the start of spring break fun

momma has not been keeping up to date here due to just plain ole life & enjoying the moments (except, honestly for the illnesses). 

but, we had a wonderful start to the kiddos' spring break last friday.  our great friends, the marcums came into town on friday.  finally got to meet mr. vaughn.  oh what a cutie he is!  ben was thrilled to get to "hold" him.  benjo astounds me at the love & care he shows for little ones.  he is so caring & wants another baby around sooo bad.

well, we met them at the hotel & went to get a bite to eat.  after dinner, swimming!!

the kids had a blast & were tuckered out by night's end.  the next day was even more special with a boys day at our home & girls day at disney on ice (that we were about 5 minutes or so late to, due to the late night before).

gracie in her makeshift princess/ fairy child outfit before we left.

enjoying the show

 mommas & the girlies

 i'm lovin it!

enjoying the popcorn!

i think beth & i might have loved it all more, reliving our childhoods.  thanks, beth for inviting us for this awesome girl time & reminding us that dreams do come true & we can all live happily everafter if we just believe! :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

i wear my sunglasses...

ok, i know every parent thinks this, but my kiddos are so darn cute inside & out!!

i love you, my little stinky faces!!

basketball through ben's eyes

tonight was the first night we attended one of daddio's games..  i guess he was ready for us to see his skillz!

ben got a hold of the camera & took some shots. 

in this one, he thought he was taking a shot of daddio.  he wasn't.

1 goal.

the other goal.

daddio taking a break

the scoreboard.

another shot of the scoreboard.

daddio (i think in the blue..)

after that, benj was done playing camera man & ready to play with a new friend. one of mommy & daddio's old buddy's from college little girls.  they really hit it off & were planning playdates all by themselves!  oh my!

great job to daddio & the "blue team!"  i'm sure it was due to all of our cheering you guys pulled out another win!  so proud of you!!

daddio's birthday - part 2 & 3

yes, i am very behind on our blog.  my man keeps getting older by the day!  he is now a whopping 33!!  we celebrated at namaw & poppy's with some yummy food & play.

i'm not quite sure about their nose jobs..

the 3 generations of men.  & what handsome men they are!

at home, the kiddos painted him some little houses to use as piggy banks to save up for our future house.

hunny, i hope you had a happy birthday &amp happy everyday; love you sooo much!

strep, kidney stones, bronchitis - oh my!

well, we have been sick around here & it seems like it won't go away.   benj has had flu, pnumonia, strep a couple of times & cough galore.  gracie has had flu, strep & bronchitis.  momma has had kidney stones like no other.  so, that right there along with some other commitments explains the lack of posts the past month.  ugh.  

for my kidney stones, i tried an at home cure from the internet.  6 cokes in 2 hours & then a pureed can of asparagus (i don't normally like asparagus).   

doesn't it look yummy?  um, no. i was gagging my way through it all, only to still have the pain.  the urologist i see just wants to have surgery to remove them, but i don't want to go through that pain. so, i'm waiting for a referral to another doc.  pray that does the trick. 

the kiddos are getting better.  we have ben on a much stonger antibiotic to kick that strep's butt.  the doc says he needs those softballs we call his tonsils out.  the poor guy is so worried about spreading his germs or having to sit out during gym, no matter how much i try & assure him it's ok - everyone gets sick.  he's a worrywart like his momma (sorry, buddy.  we will get that free-spirit attitude back soon ok?)  miss gracie just now has a cough, so she's fine & starting to be her sweet self again.  my, oh my, what a trip she was when she was sick.  that's all i'm gonna say about that!!

even despite sickness, there's been lots of good times.  cuddling, cuddling, cuddling.

one morning, ben woke up to this to make him feel better. 

you yucky bugs, here's what my kiddos think of you!

we've had fun playing board games & wii, reading books, making meals together, dancing, playing freeze tag & hide & seek, hiding toys for others to find & painting & drawing pictures for friends. 

but, i must say, i am very much ready for healthy kiddos ready to play!!


ok, this is awesome stuff here.  i had to share about one of my dear friends i used to work with. 
 faithfully forming our family
they got their referral!!!
congratulations!  i can't wait to meet baby b!!