Monday, September 19, 2011

holiday world picnic

daddio's work picnic was sunday at holiday world.  the kiddos woke up on their own ready to go!  daddio was a bit tiredo, but still managed to get up & go.

first stop of course, at the santa statue. 

we rode the old-time cars for the first time with the kiddos.  gracie was a bit worried about driving off the road, just like i remember as a child.  i told her though, about the track to guide the car - something nobody ever told me! you are welcome, my dear.
  oh, how i wanted so to bump them.  but didn't.

holidog's funtown was where we spent the most time.  playing in the rocks or on the playground

  i love that crooked little smile of hers.

& that smirk.

benj was havin fun, but avoided the camera as much as possible.

water is always fun, fun, fun!
  he was trying to talk momma into going over by him since he had the water sprinkler covered up - buddy i'm too smart for that..

gracie rode the train with me. ben didn't, guess he's getting too old.  she thought it was super awesome to see all the characters from her favorite nursery ryhmes. 

by the end, we were all holiday'd out.  note her prize ducky (small prize from the win everytime duck game) on the ground.

except for ben, because he won a medium prize! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

i knew it wouldn't last...

ben's folder when he got home today...

a month and a half of school & this is what we have!

nothing a little tape won't fix i'm sure!

just a sittin & a waitin...

for daddio's plane to arrive. 
signs ready!!

i remember sitting with ashley when she was a little gal waiting her mommy to get home & taking a picture just like this.

just a rockin.

the kiddos were super duper duper excited to see their daddio & haven't left his side since.  i've been fighting for a spot near him for my hug! so happy you are home, my love!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

papaw's hat

we took papaw to get a haircut friday while benj was in school.  i ended up taking him to a beauty shop, which he was less than thrilled with but tough.
miss gracie was trying out his hat for size. & i, of course thought she was the cutest thang.
go phillies!!

soccer saturday & family fun

soccer, soccer, soccer the next month!
benj couldn't wait to play!  the team they played against seemed to be quite a bit younger (it is ages 4-6)& there was one little boy on the other team that sure didn't know how to control his frustrations, poor guy!  every time we'd score, he'd hit our players & stick out his tongue.  benj said his team just thought it was funny.
you can tell he was working hard out there!  & he scored a goal (or 2 - i don't know, he says 4!)

now.... onto miss g's game.  here's some shots of her practicing before the game to show she knows what's up.

now here she is during the game.
she's the one as far away from the action as can be!

this was her expression most of the time on the field.  she did entertain herself out there by doing sign language & giving me "looks" while she was supposed to be playing.

her favorite time was on the bench.

after a loong morning - afternoon at the soccer fields, we headed to the women's hospital 10th anniversary celebration near our home.  one super cool thing was that we saw the nurse we had when we benj was born.  she rocked.  i remember daddio asking her if our son's nose was swollen from the birthing process or what & she looked at daddio, his nose, smirked & said "no, i think that's just his nose."  he has his daddio's handsome nose.

& benj was tired of momma taking pictures.

the kiddos loved all the inflatables & games.
heading off for some more fun!
i just love it when they are getting along (which is a lot of the time)! 

got to shoot some hoops - kinda 
good form, buddy! 

ben wouldn't give up on anything!
gracie either, despite the fact that the vest weighed about as much as her!
 she looks a bit done for there!  i asked the lady to take her out at that point.

& gracie got to ride a pony!!!
yes, i took a picture of the horse's behind. 

this thing here kinda reminded me of the birthing process...
  see what i mean??
we enjoyed snow-cones, cotton candy & popcorn - can't beat that!

but, at this point, i knew it was time to go home... 
(she was begging for 1 more game, 1 more snow cone, 1 more trip through an inflatable - anything!) it was a long, fun-filled & "tired out" day like the kiddos like to say.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

up to japan and start of soccer games

daddio is right now up in the air on his way to japan.  this morning, i wanted to get a picture of the kiddos with him.
 lovely.  mr. benj just loves to light up for that camera.

but, at the bus stop, they were showing their true feelings. 

 they miss & love their daddy.

& i am & do too. bunches
so glad it's a short trip.  i very much respect those single parents out there & the military families that are at home doing it every day.  some strong folks out there!


& now- dum da dum 1 for beano, future soccer phenom!!!

he said the kids on his team (2 of the much younger ones) are calling him "mastermind."  do you think they mean "megamind" the movie because of his head shape - or is that just momma worrying?  anyways, he thinks it's hilarious. & i'm glad he does!

hands up!
the team did a great job & he was attacking that ball.  though he didn't score any goals himself, he did get lots of assists (if there is such a thing in soccer) & blocked a lot of goals. 

some action shots of my boy:

 he had 2 kids on him for the throw in, he was such a threat!
 he was a hustlin too!  i was very proud of my soccer star!

we will be at the soccer fields almost every day till mid october with at least 1 of the kiddos having games (except for sundays & fridays).  i have a feeling this will be what the next month of posts will be about.