Friday, December 31, 2010

oh what fun it is to ride...

behind a 4 wheeler!

sledding at namaw & poppy's   momma took a nap to start with, but woke up before all the fun was done.

who is that masked man??

daddio pulling the kiddos

me & my sugar bear.

gracie ready for some action.  big ben went inside for some hot chocolate.
i took some pictures of miss grace behind the 4 wheeler.  a bit hard to shoot & hold on, but being supermom, i managed....

she held on tight the whole time, kept yelling "faster, faster!!"  daddio kept it at a nice speed though.

 chester, the neigbor dog & gracie gal.

loving that hat!!  great job, namaw!

stay tuned for some videos of later in the night...Dance party!!!

christmas time!

ben was able to sleep some christmas eve (thank goodness) & awoke to a nice thank you from santa.  the letter was a bit too long though, they could hardly wait after the third paragraph.  (but he had a lot to say!)

they were super excited to see all that he had left!

gracie squealed at every present she opened, no matter what it was!  she was happy!  she told me one of her favorite gifts was a necklace like momma's, but her's says "jesus loves me."

i tried to get a picture of them together after all the fun, but bubby was too silly.  the best i got.

after all the presents, ben wanted to play a wii game he got for his bday with daddio - go figure. 

we headed up to donna & tom's later in the day for some more family fun.

the kiddos looking out the door at aunt maryann & poppy arriving.

playing daddio's didgeridoo.    that was a hit for all to play!

ben standing in the picture of monica & grant.  (he thinks this is hilarious)

momma & gracie  (with ben standing beside)

we sure had fun at tom & donna's with lots of yummy food & good times.  thanks!

the day after christmas, daddio was awakened with a lovely hug.

santa came to namaw & poppy's too! 

then we went to aunt jane & uncle rocky's for more family fun...

the siblings, of course laughing & having a good ole time!

check out that spread! yumm!

lisa & rocky.  lisa's holding the plate of christmas cookies her family made that i think gracie at most of. 

great job benny, emily & andrew! 

kayla & baby holly in her belly.. any time now!!  we look forward to meeting her!

some of the cousins getting ready for gift time!! it looks to me like they were up to something...

thank you jane & rocky for having us all out, it was a blast!!

picking up auntie jen

we went to the airport to get auntie jen before christmas.  it's become tradition to all go & greet her at the airport. 

ben colored in his sign camoflauge, but you can see it says welcome jenny!

no pictures of the pickup for repect of auntie

Friday, December 24, 2010

on christmas eve...

ben woke up super excited!!  worried though that he won't be able to sleep tonight.  "i might be too excited & fart & wake myself up." he said.   oh my.

& miss gracie seeing the snow fall, "oh, it's so beautiful, as beautiful as me!"  oh my again.  edit to my post--- miss gracie you are beautiful as the snow.  god made you, just like those beautiful snowflakes.  you are special & no one is like you.

christmas eve with damaw & papaw was a good time full of gracie dancing her ballet, eating too much food, the guys going for a drive & opening some presents.  the dogs were very, very  ready to open presents!!

we didn't make it to church tonight.  the roads were very slick & some roads were closed on our normal path even.  on our trek there, the crack we got on daddio's windshield from the trip to namaw & poppy's earlier in the week grew & grew.  we decided not to chance it after that & headed home.  gracie said to ben, "i am so sad we don't get to go to church." & she meant it.

but, on our looong journey home, she fell asleep & we thought we had one in for the night. 

oh not so.  as soon as her head hit the bed up she popped, ready to go!
so, the evening has been spent with the gals making cookies & candy.

and the boys playing video games. 

we read the christmas story & another christmas book &  beddy-bye for the kiddos.  now, to wait for santa to come!

merry christmas to all! 

Monday, December 20, 2010

christmas with the cooks & tassells & hagemeyers!!

oh what fun it is! 

here's a BIG family picture of us all. it's fun to see how much everyone changes each holiday.

here's our bunch. i'm glad we did this at the beginning, because at the end of the night poor gracie was feeling a bit rough (can't get rid of this monster cough).  she didn't want to leave & was crying, hanging on to the bannister begging to stay between coughs.  i think we stayed a bit too long, like daddio said.  sorry cooks!

ben could not wait to get there saturday.  all day, "is it time yet?" 
"no, not yet"
5 minutes later "is it time yet? it will be all over before we even get there!!"

all the youngins together.  i think allie looks just like janet in this!!

looks like almost a perfect snowflake - with a pillow being thrown.  thanks brad :)

of course, funny faces!

gramma dee dee & aubie jo.  & no, the girls don't dress that way normally (at least they say).  they dug through their mom's closet for ugly xmas shirts. 

papaw paul & sweet al.  lovin all the curls on you gals!

sweet sisters.

these 3 look like they could all be brother & sisters!!  ben wishes darby was his older sis too!

the kiddos waiting in anticipation for the gifts.  love gracie's excitment.
take 2

the kiddos loved singing karaoke & it was just fun to visit together & of course play balderdash!! (on an island, dee dee)
a great start for our holiday festivities!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

christmas card preview

well, here it is!  hopefully, momma will get with it & address the cards.

the big 0-5

oh ben, time is flying by!  you are now 5 years & 15 days old! 

your birthday morning you weren't feeling so good..  but a push up & pancakes with a candle made you feel muuch better.

5 cheers for my birthday boy!!

here's some pictures from your parties:
at home...
all the kiddos sitting down for a craft.  i was amazed at how well ages 2- 6 did at playing & having fun together.  no crying or fighting.  yea!  we had a basketball type themed party & it went much better than i could have asked for.  thank you, ben, for having a preschool party in your class & just a few friends & family over.  much easier!!

gracie at bat! 

 good hit there, sweetie!

the kids digging into the goodies of the pinata..

playing score the ball through the net (yes, mommy is cheesy, but you all seemed to enjoy!)

the party at namaw & poppy's...
 you look so old!

miss embry & gracie gal

poppy & your great aunt donna 

all sitting down for a feast of soup & pizza! 

blowing out the candles with a little help (none needed though) 

the marcum bunch with a new little guy on the way!!! beth, you look lovely!

grant & "har"monica.  grant, you have grown up way too fast too!

that's all the pictures i took! 
anyways, happy birthday to my baby boy, a few weeks late.  i love you more than the stars & the sun & you catch the drift!