Wednesday, April 27, 2011

coloring eggs a few days late...

with all the hustle & bustle the week before easter, we never managed to decorate any eggs!  so, yesterday (tuesday), i boiled 6 eggs & let the kiddos have some fun.  i never would have imagained it would take over an hour to decorate just six eggs.  but it did! 

ben's favorite egg.  camo.  poor guy got some of the dye in his eye & looked a bit beat up by the end of all the egg decorating fun..

hmm...what color should i use next?? 
a nice, pretty blue egg, just like her eyes! 

easter time

easter this year was quite busy for us.  on saturday, we went to damaw's & papaw's where the easter bunny dropped off some big eggs & we had some yummy food momma made (if i do say so myself) .

sunday, we went to the movie church (aka discovery church / one life west).

this year, we got to help out in the older kiddo class & it was awesome.  ben & gracie joined in on the learning & fun too.  we all made ressurection eggs, which is a great way to help tell the story of easter for younger kiddos (& parents too!)   i was amazed at the knowledge these kids had about the easter story.
coloring up some pictures..
 the fellas & their funny faces..
 the girlies & their silly faces...

after church, we headed up to namaw & poppy's for some more family fun & tons & tons of yummy food. 
of course an intense egg hunt was held. 

monica, my main egg challenger!!
the kiddos looking so sweet after the hunt!
 a nice & shiny egg (we had to take that one home!)

counting her eggs...

 despite my look above, i am so thankful for the fun weekend we were able to have celebrating christ's ressurection with our families.

Friday, April 22, 2011

my little tree hugger

& tree kisser (she named this tree woody)

happy earth day!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

the writing on the wall..

yesterday, gracie told me ben took off with a piece of chalk.  i thought nothing of it, as he is such a good boy.  ahem..

in momma & daddio's bedroom
at least it was chalk i guess. 

i'm sure this will be up there for a while, this post it note i left for justin before we got married is still hanging in the same place in our room.

tball time!!

it's that time of year again!  thank goodness gracie has a pal to run around with during practice, so momma doesn't go crazy.

with assistant coach daddio

up at bat

practicing sumthin

ben has some buddies on the team & counts down the days each week until the next practice.  he's loving it 4 sure! 

say cheese!

i realized not too long ago that i didn't have any "professional" pictures of the kids since gracie had so much hair.  so, off we went to penny's & i was pleasantly suprised at the results.  & here they are (of course i couldn't pick just 1 & we got a cd with the copyright):

 this one is mine & the kiddos favorite.  can you guess who had a blue lollipop on the way to pics?
 if only they were always like this...

 the photographer told ben she thought he should be in "gq" & he had no idea what that was.  when i explained it, he was freaked out thinking he would be in a magazine!

 miss gracie's hair was still wet in the pictures.  i can only imagine what my grandma barb would be had her picture taken with stringy hair!!  yes, but beautiful nontheless.

that's all folks!