Friday, July 6, 2012

vacation time!!

low & behold, daddio did have time for a vacation!! so we made some quick reservations & headed to the nearest beach.  & damaw got to come with us!

it was a long, long drive....longer than it should have been. but we survived- barely.
when we were close, the sunglasses came on.

lots of shells were collected.. whatever we will do with them, i don't know!
 so many shells!!
 nothing like getting your feet wet in the ocean!
 & playing!

 & digging holes
 he could have been a baywatch dude i think!
 in need of a towel, pronto!!

 building castles in the sun!
 woo hoo!!
 boogie boarding

discovering creatures

 bummin it

& taking pictures all dressed up

going out to eat

& shopping.. (that wasn't much fun for her)

nothing like the it!

my pretty little gracie girl

instead of practicing, she would rather have me take her picture clowning around...

  i just love that smile!
happy, happy!!

some tball practice at home

benj was all about t-ball this year.  & even gracie signed up for the fun.  practicing in the yard one day, i got out the camera.

check out that determination!

& check out this silliness!

what a practice!!

here fishy, fishy, fishy

memorial day weekend we went to namaw & poppy's for a good 'ole fishing trip.  everyone looking cool as cats in our hats!

here was one of ben's many catches of the day..reeling it in
 & got it!

gracie's favorite thing of the day was finding a tiny froggy.  one of her newest obsessions.
mr. benj wasn't the only one to catch the fish.  here's gracie with her big one!
 & here's momma!
 mine was so big it needed 2 pictures!
these are my favorite pics from the day...

daddy & big b fishing away
 3 generations

man, was it hot!  i was glad gracie was hot, so we could go back to namaw & poppy's & chill in the ac.  but, we did make several trips out to the lake.
the crew taking a break.

one time, ben thought he was ready to go home.  but then, he got that fifteenth wind & went on to catching some more.

after daddio & uncle rocky saved this snapping turtle from some line, both kiddos were ready to skedaddle.  & we did!
i won't mention what happened to that beast after they saved him...