Thursday, September 24, 2009

field trip take 2

today was the rescheduled field trip to tj's apple orchard for ben's preschool class. what a wet & rainy day we had! ben & his classmates getting on the bus. the bus worked.

fortunately, most of the field trip was inside, where the kiddos learned about how they pick & sort the apples and make cider. johnny appleseed's sister taught the kiddos all about apples today. she asked them why she might carry a big stick with her & ben piped up "to hit at doggies you see when you go for a walk." i do that..(sometimes i carry a big stick to ward off the neighbor's german shepard at the end of block that has already bitten neighbor john)

i was so impressed with all the kiddos today; they were so well behaved! here is ben & his friend listening to joanna appleseed.

our short jaunt in the rain to check out some apple trees. poor ben really wanted to pick some apples from a real tree, we will have to do that soon.

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