Sunday, September 29, 2013

back to school.. back to school..

both kiddos are now in school.  all. day. long.  & yet i feel like i am getting nothing accomplished around the home.  thanks to the great work ethic my family instilled in me, my part time job at preschool is more of a full-time job.  but, i do enjoy watching the little kiddos' eyes light up with new discoveries and being a part of their lives.  so, no complaints here. just a bigger realization that teachers are very underpaid!!

of course, had to decorate to celebrate the first day of school..

reading all the notes along the way:)

obligatory first day of school pictures..

walking to the bus stop.

 yes, i had props.
 & they were thrilled...

i think they were glad for the bus to get there.

big b is now in the second grade.. his first year without his sidekick in his class.  but, it has started out to be a great year.  he's coming out of his shell at school (hello, talent show - here we come!)  and is always full of new factoids he has learned each day.  as long as we can keep from breaking a bone during the "soccer" they play at recess - more like clobbering each other - i think we will be a.o.k.

miss g just loooves kindergarten.  & she has an amazing teacher (ben's kindy teacher) and class.  i am amazed at how quickly she has learned to read, is learning sign language to communicate with a friend (other than the few she knew as a baby) & love hearing about each day's events.  this past week, a little friend in her class with cochlear implants got to hear each classmate say "hi" to her for the first time.  such an awesome experience for her & the entire class!

if we aren't at home, we are at the soccer field! all through the home, a soccer ball is being kicked around.  so glad we don't have too many breakables :).  benj would play soccer 24/7 if he could!  miss g.. as long as it's not a "real" game, she loves it. 
benj on the field, sweating buckets.  that boy drinks his big jug of water by halftime!  
 miss g thinking about her next move...

miss g wasn't too thrilled this game.. it's too much to weemember in the bigger gals league for her.  
 chllin out - her favorite spot during soccer games :)
 ready to kick it in!
 after that ball she goes!  so proud of her for keeping it up, even though she's not loving it.

 we are still trying to figure out what she would like to do. i'm thinking maybe guitar or dance - but big b reminded me she likes to dance to her own beat, so maybe not dance.  we'll see.  as long as we are having fun & happy, that's all that matters to this momma!