Saturday, September 19, 2009

feeling froggy

we all went out back today to work on the cement pond. we are getting ready to close it up after a summer of fun. the pool was quite icky today, a nice shade of algae green. we have not been keeping up with the maintenance over the past 2 weeks, procrastinating closing it. so, it has become a new home for many frogs from the pond.

miss gracie was thrilled to see them swimming around. daddio caught her one & she loved it & pet it & squeezed it & named it hoppy.

we caught 2 for ben that he has in a special "aquarium" that he can hopefully take them to show & tell. he was not so much into holding or even touching the little jumpers like his sis.

the kiddos had the best time with their frogs - ben making a habitat for his new pets & gracie holding onto hers for dear life. until the inevitable happened... hoppy jumped...

but, never fearo, daddio was able to track him down with his expert frog hunting skills & get a hoppy back for gracie.
everything & everyone is now happy again in our household. thank you daddio!

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