Sunday, November 30, 2008

circus time & birthday party round 1

beano loves this time of year. he knows the routine: thanksgiving, circus, birthday & christmas.
even though we are all feeling a bit under the weather, we took in the circus last night.

beano tried cotton candy for the first time.

i think he liked it.

beano is having 3 parties this year. 1 at papaw's (since he won't travel), 1 at home & 1 at namaw & poppy's. today was cupcakes & pizza. daddio had to work, but we still made it fun.

i think the highlight for him today was getting a phone call from his new favorite cousin luke.

thanksgiving fun

thanksgiving was such a beautiful day! we ate too much at papaw's for lunch.
papaw found cecee's dress in his basement, it's an oldie! her look on her face reminds me of her daddy.

we played pin the feather on the turkey. cecee helped papaw to win the game!
the men went out to do some manly work outside, i snapped a picture of them walking back up the hill. beano's waaay far on the right hand side. he loves to help the guys and be outside.

we are lucky that our families live close enough we can see them all in 1 day. so, after papaw's we headed to monica's for dinner. we brought poppy a new hat to wear.

after a delectable dinner, some games of foosball were played. i need to practice up before the next holiday!

by the end of the day, we were all a bit tired.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a message to all & some baking going on

the kiddos helped me with preparing the pumpkin roll today. we all had on our aprons & chef hats. cecee even had on her stethoscope in case a doctor was needed. beano did a great job mixing all the ingredients. cecee could reach the silverware drawer, so every utensil was used in the production of the pumpkin roll. i think back to all the times my mom, mamaw & deedee would let me "help" as a child & how much i loved that. thank you guys for that. i think my kids had fun today too. can't wait to bake some cookies! <

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

what i'm thankful for...

my husband. daddio works so hard to take care of us & still comes home with a smile on his face; ready to play wipeout crash or have a jam session. he's the best, most awesome guy period.

my kiddos. they are a bit mischievious & like to be loud, but they are full of love. they are such great helpers & always handing out hugs, kisses, or fives. i hope they will always be this way.

i am thankful for being able to stay at home with my kids. i love waking up every morning & holding them in my arms. i love eating oatmeal with blueberries in bed watching cartoons in the morning with them. i love their laughter and enthusiaum for life. sometimes, i get a bit stressed out & beano will say, momma we just want you to be happy. if we had the $$ & could have 10 more just like them, i'd take it.

i am thankful for my family. even though we have some issues once in a while, there is much love there. my family is always here for us when we need them, no matter what. i am thankful for the love & support they have provided daddio & me in our lives. our kiddos are blessed to have so many people that love them. auntie jen, i don't have a pic of you on our new computer. i am thankful we will see you soon! we miss ya!

i am thankful for my friends near & far. sharing fun times & memories & advice when needed.

our doggie. he doesn't get enough good attention here, so he stays at damaw's. we love him & miss him though.

i am thankful to God for all the blessings & forgiveness he has given us. without him in our life, where would we be?

i am thankful for not having to cook too much for thanksgiving! i bet my family is too!

happy thanksgiving to all!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

my new favorite weekend spot..

i looove the mitchell art academey! laura is so awesome & fun. we have a blast crafting every time we go (& the prices are waaay reasonable). we went to "crap" class today, as beano calls it. we went back to the art studio for the family fun hours & met our fun cousins there. thank goodness, i forgot any cash & my 16 year old cousin had to pay for our stuff. thanks aub!

darbs decided to build a snail out of clay today. beano liked rolling out the clay & then cutting it with cookie cutters. he did this for quite a while.
cecee was really into eating the clay.

i wanted to make something special for the grannys, beano was not interested in helping me, too busy coloring & chasing darbs around. so, cecee became the artist. she helped me make some items for some special grannys we know.
she wasn't too thrilled about me painting her foot. the bowl & cup didn't turn out as planned, but i'm sure the grannys will cherish them since they were made with love.

a million thanks to my cousins, who lovingly watched the kiddos for us tonight so mama & daddio could go out with friends. you guys looked pooped by the time we left! i know my kids had fun! it's always a good time there!! thank you for the pictures too from the surprise party... here they are!
for some reason we all hid under the tables except paul & daddio.

i think she was quite suprised to see us all!

her hat & glasses made her look more beautiful than ever!

i really loved watching everyone put so much thought & work into their bowls and plates. there was little talk going on, as everyone was working so hard on getting their design "just right".

great memories were made that day!

now, what you have all been waiting for.... the finished bowls & plates from jl's 40th birthday party!!!! they look awesome. oh, i hope we can do this for my birthday someday.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

popkern & the office

thank goodness it's thursday night! this has been a hectic week, full of fun playdates with friends & dr. visits with family. i'm so glad the weekend is almost here, even though daddio has to work.
in our home, thursday nights are our wild night. we pop some popkern, as beano calls it, & watch the office. i know it's not the best show for kids, but we all enjoy watching michael, jim & pam (i'm so happy they are finally together!) and the other office crew.
everyone had to have their own bowl tonight.

we went to the goodwill today & bought some books (we love to read around here). we found 2 richard scarry books (my favorite) & some other great reads for the kids. tonight, beano wanted to read in a tent. things are always more fun in a fort or a tent!