Friday, September 18, 2009

ben's first field trip

what a big day for ben... his first field trip! to an apple orchard. he really wanted daddio to go, but said i could come with him. siblings aren't allowed to go, so miss gracie was off at karen's playing, having her own field trip/playdate. she had a blast over there. thanks karen!
here he is waiting in line to get on the bus. look at all those cuties!

climbing up the bus, oh boy! the bus was going to be one of our highlights, as we've been watching the heck out of the magic shcoolbus around here.

the bus was the highlight of the trip, as after the kiddos were all seated, the driver started it up & the engine made a funny noise. so off go the kiddos. the driver was unable to fix it that day, so they had to reschedule for next week.

momma melissa suggested we take the kiddos to a different local orchard after school just to look around. this orchard used to rock. there were animals, a corn maze, apple cider slushies, all sorts of goodness. not so much anymore. but the kids still had fun. & got apples..

hope everyone has a funtastic week!

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