Saturday, June 2, 2012

easter weekend

to catch up the past several months, things may not be in order, but that's ok. not everything around here is always in order.

when i was a kiddo, easter was one of my favorite holidays & i think because of the fact it was my mamaw's.  i remember getting up what seemed so early for sunrise service & the wooden cross filled with daffodils that the luther league (& my grandma & deedee) had picked throughout stendal.  different songs were sung during that service, picked out by the teens since they were "running the show" for the morning.  & they were always songs i loved.  & then yummy breakfast, sunday school & church with trumpets!  how amazing!  how joyous of a celebration!  after church, back to mamaw & papaw's for lunch with all the cousins & a big egg hunt- which sometimes turned into an egg fight, but fond memories.

now with a family of our own & some of our puzzle pieces not quite fitting together right now, traditions have changed.  earlier that week, the kiddos & i made an easter egg tree & took it to pap in the nursing home.  grandma always would decorate up a tree outside with eggs.  we spray painted a branch & added some plastic eggs and ornaments the kiddos painted.  made me all teary-eyed doing it.

a few years back, we found a church home closer to our home now & started attending church there.  our "movie church," as the kids called it, then merged with one life & we go down over the twin bridges each sunday with gracie yelling "twin bridges alert" each time we are near.  one life has been a change, but an amazing one for all of us. to get to work in the elementary classes is a blessing - wow what these kids know!  & to watch my kiddos' grow each day; asking questions & growing in their faith due to what they are learning at church is just cool beans.  they teach me a lot about love, forgiveness and grace from our heavenly father

on saturday, damaw came down early with the dogs & we had some pizza for lunch & hung out.  that afternoon, we got to go to the dry run of the easter service for one life that was held at the victory.  the victory is a very cool historical building in downtown evansville.  now crossing the twin bridges on easter!

i am so glad they held a dry run for those helping out in other areas.  it was great to worship with our kiddos & other volunteers.  during the service,  melissa whispered in my ear to look at gracie.  she had her hands up worshiping, which was just so sweet.  made me cry (again).

ben was not so sure about going to church on easter & even prayed that night that God would keep us safe in the building, as he was worried about a fire & everyone making it down the steps.  everything was fine on easter & i think ben enjoyed the elementary worship service so much, he forgot all about worrying about a fire.  when i talked to him about it later, he said he was just focused on doing what had to be done... singing, praying & doing what he was told.  oh, that boy.

after an awesome easter sunday service, we headed on the road to namaw & poppy's for a late lunch & egg hunt.
driving in our orange.

i was at first being a bit too competitive & after seeing monica's basket, decided to rehide my eggs for the kiddos.  thank you monica, for being a good influence on me! :)

& on the way home, we discovered miss gracie can fit an entire egg in her mouth.

& benj is in need of some dental work..

Friday, June 1, 2012

t-ball time!

oh, this poor blog... momma has not been keepin up with the family fun!

t-ball has commenced with both kiddos playing for the leprechaun team (the kids got to pick out the name).

ben this year is quite focused on all he does, taking everything so serious & trying his best.
miss gracie is enjoying herself to say the least.

one sunday evening we decided to practice.

as you can tell, mr. b is all business.

miss g thang said she was taking all her anger out on the ball.  i never knew she was so mad- or so something!

she got a bit tired of all that ball stuff & decided to just be cute instead.  pretty good at that!
 i just love the happiness shining in her eyes!

& here are some shots from one of their games.  again, you can see who is into the game & who is out there being her spunky self!!

 she really looks like she's focused here!  go grace!!

love these kiddos!!