Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a note to daddio

daddio is working some crazy hours this week - going in after ben goes to preschool & getting home around 3 in the morning. yuck. while we were playing quietly this morning, ben said he wanted to write his daddy a letter. so, here it is:

i wrote down what ben told me to put. as follows:
your welcome from work. i love him, ben.
stay all night, i like you.
run on the playground with me.
i love you.
how do you stay all night & then run faster than i?
& play with zackers & that's all.
great best friends together forever, amen.

we put it in his truck so he would have a surprise to read later...

they sure do love their daddio & i do too!

1 comment:

The Jarrett Family said...

Oh that is so sweet! You guys are so thoughtful. Hope he doesn't have to work those hours for long. That stinks!