Tuesday, December 31, 2013

to do's in 2014..

oh, new year resolutions, why can i only keep you for a bit (if i even start)???

some things i just can't quit (my diet cokes and dr. peppers when i really want a treat)...but i do want to become a better me in 2014 & love making lists, so here goes my to do's for 2014:

1.  put God first. always.
2.  make sure my kiddos and hubby and family know how much i love them every day by my actions and words.
3.  listen to my kiddos better.  they have a lot to say and if it's important to them, it should be to me.
4.  love more.
5.  forgive. truly forgive those that have caused hurt.
6.  forgive myself.
7.  take the time to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning... not just my diet coke.
8.  $$$$- save it - i don't have to buy it just because it's a bargain.  i repeat, i don't have to buy it just because it's a bargain.  (i might need to tattoo this on my hand!)
9.  get back to reading "little visits with god" every night with the kiddos.  love this book and sharing it with the kiddos.
10.  go to bed at a decent hour most nights (i am typing this at 2:12 in the morning).
11.  exercise.. at least a little bit - yes, gracie girl may like momma's soft belly to cuddle on, but this gal's gotta get in shape.  let's say 1/2 hour a day at least starting out...
12.  say "yes" more to my family with my time.
13.  visit loved ones more often
14.  de-clutter and purge- donate 14 items a week to a new home
15.  make it to life group!
16.  create more memories with my family.
17.  read more.
18.  less tv/computer time...
19.  play more.
20.  cook more homemade meals than not each week (may have to get some new batteries for that smoke alarm)
21.  deep clean one room a week
22.  sew.  and help gracie girl on her sewing skills.  how i cherish the memories of learning to sew with mamaw and deedee.
23.  call pap at least once a week.  and visit with the kiddos.

24.  blog.  at least the kiddos will have this since their baby books haven't been touched in a few years..
25.  work out my brain..on things more challenging than 2nd grade homework.
26.  learn to play guitar with my kiddos (daddio is a great teacher:) )
27.  volunteer more.  continue helping out in g's class, the backpack program & find other opportunities to make a difference.
28.  have a date time once a month!
29.  have some friend time once a month!
30.  organize our craft supplies.
31.  organize the bathroom.
32.  organize the basement - the bottomless pit.
33.  don't take things too seriously or personally.
34.  do a good deed for another every day.
35.  start new traditions with our family...what they are, i don't know yet.
36.  clean out the swagger wagon & keep the mess down to 1 bag (this will be a hard one!)
37.  eat lunch at school with the kiddos at least once a month.
38.  create a chore chart for our family and stick to it!
39.  write letters to friends or family.  let them know i am thinking of them.
40.  lose weight.  the pounds have really packed on lately, thanks to the yummy holiday food and some medication.  size 6, how i miss you but will see you again before 2015.
41.  enroll the kiddos in an activity they both want to explore.
42.  let it go & give it to God.
43.  make homemade gifts for special occasions.
44.  greet my love at the door with a kiss and hug each evening.
45.  recycle more.  we pay to do it - but sometimes still put recyclables in the trash.
46.  create with the kiddos.  they are so creative & there's nothing better than their art in my eyes!
47.  clean off the kitchen counter of clutter every night.
48.  put the laundry away after i fold it.
49.  clean out the kiddos' closets
50.  remember to thank God in all circumstances..even those that don't make sense to me.  He has a bigger plan.
51.  ask namaw to teach me to knit. and learn.
52.  continue to pray as a family.
53.  worship as a family.
54.  clean myself up once in a while..oh, how i love my sweats & tees, but a little makeup and jeans wouldn't hurt me :)
55.  make sure daddio keeps his doc appointments.
56.  let my light shine!
57.  wear sunscreen
58.  spend more time outside.
59.  make a meal plan for each week.. freezer meals, crock pot?? can i do it? yes, i can!
60.  be more patient with my kiddos..
61.  provide more opportunities for our kiddos to grow spiritually, mentally and socially.
62.  remind myself "what would deedee do?"  & remember the great example she always was in my life.
63.  keep the flowers nice at mamaw's grave.
64. dance more.
65.  don't give up.

some details i still need to work on, but a pretty good start for my to-do's in 2014, if i do say so myself :).

Sunday, December 29, 2013

holiday season 2013

as always, the holidays seemed to sneak up on me... i really struggled to get into that holiday spirit missing loved ones that are no longer with us & changes that have happened to relationships over the past few years.  but, we forged on & the kiddos had a fun thanksgiving, great 8th birthday for benj (playing laser tag with some buddies), lots of playtime in the snow & a very merry CHRISTmas.  for me, this momma had to change her attitude to that of gratitude and realize how truly blessed we are and have been to have had such special people in our lives that i miss so much.

over thanksgiving weekend, daddio got a new to him ride, a sequoia, that is pretty sharp & has the kiddos' approvals.

 since this momma wasn't feeling well, i stayed home for thanksgiving. i had the tree set up & ready to decorate as soon as my sweeties got home.
my little guy is now eight years old..he is such a special soul (not just this momma's opinion).  he cares for others, smart as can be, and quite a funny little dude.  it seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home & i was praying each day we could make it until daddio got home.  somehow, we have all survived. :)

the beginning of december brought lots of snow.  for once, thankfully, our power didn't go out.

 playing at home in the snow..

 snow angel in action
we used this picture for our Christmas cards (that i still don't have out...)

and we went sledding, not one day, but two down hills by the kiddos' school.  the second day of sledding was basically going down a sheet of ice!

 no need for a sled!
 i love that smile!!

 gracie hit the sticks a time or two, but it didn't stop her!

once they were back in school, preschool for momma got really busy.  i love those little jumpstarters & am so happy i get to be a part of their learning and discovery.

momma's stocking had to be refashioned for itsy, our guinea pig. gracie did a fine job on it!

 Christmas time was loads of fun.  good food, fun time with families and friends. 
 a guitar!!
  beano's favorite gift was his wii u 
  gracie gal's was her princess bears.  she loves her stuffed animals.  

the kiddos' had a sleepover that they had been planning since this summer.  the little sisters traded homes for the night & played with benj & alaina.  they all had a blast & are still recovering today!

it's hard to believe 2014 is right around the corner.. looking forward to the new year, new experiences and making more memories with my family and friends.  happy holidays to all our family and friends!  xoxox- sara

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

and miss g's videos..

momma never did post her 6 year old video...

 gracie birth to 5

 5 to 6

gracie girl, i love you so!!  

Sunday, December 1, 2013

eight years ago..

becoming 7

eight years ago today, my life changed more than i could ever imagine.  life was no longer about me,but about "him,"  that precious bundle of joy that was born while momma was pushing during the andy griffith show (the doc turned it off right when it was getting good too).  since benjo's birth, he has brought me more happiness, joy, love, tears, compassion, worry,fear, panic, pride, heartbreak, and empathy than i could ever imagine.  so many emotions this little fella brings out in me!  though i may be the momma & he my little man, he has taught me more in these eight years than i could have ever imagined.

this, benjo came down and said,"momma, why are you doing all of this?  we just need to pray."  & pray we did (while i still moved things around). he is so good at reminding me to pray -- when things aren't going just right, pray when things are good, just pray,  i am so thankful that he has such a strong faith and thankful for all those that help him to grow in his spiritual journey..starting back with grandma deedee and papaw paul, the "gurls" and their parents, our preacher and family, our life group friends and kiddos, and those that take the time to show benj & grace how they are both special and our Lord has special jobs just for them to do.  we, as a family, continue to grow spiritually and i am so thankful for all the blessings we have received. benj helped me to grow and realize life wasn't just about "me" or "him" but "He, our Savior and King," and we should do all things to glorify him.
i was so worried about bringing this little guy home.. daddio had changed him & washed him & changed his clothes the entire time we were in the hospital.  all i did was nurse.. the only thing i felt capable of doing.  before we went home, i was coaxed into changing him.  pee shot into his face, he started crying & spit up all over the place. it was a mess!  & his billi levels were super high, so he was sent home on a light blanket.  we would go daily after his dismissal from the hospital to have his levels checked.  by new year's, he was looking less tan and the blanket was gone.  he was extra special - he had both physiological and breast milk jaundice. being a new mom that had read every "what to expect, " "your pregnancy and newborn," and "pregnancy 411", i wasn't ready for this one.  going through that month seemed like forever, but was just a small moment in time.

i was so scared when we brought benj home!  i was worried how our doggie would react.  but zacky did great with him from the get go.  when we brought him home- i made a plan with daddio that i would stay awake the first night & he would do an upcoming night to make sure benj kept breathing.  i think it was daddio's turn on the 3rd night.  i woke up to benj crying, justin patting my leg, telling me "it's ok, buddy."  daddy was fired from that job.  and i eventually slept thanks to deedee, mom, and namaw.  when daddio went back to work- i would say a prayer to God, thanking him for helping me keep this precious child alive and happy for another day while daddio was at work.

he has taught me a great deal on forgiveness.  an issue in the family happened one summer that caused a lot of heartache & things were said in front of him that should never had been said.  he was very angry at that person for saying things to his momma, but we talked about it & his actions towards those  showed true forgiveness.

i never in my life would have thought bodily functions would be so hilarious until he came.  toots are a plenty in our household,  as well as big belly laughs & sometimes leading momma to gag.

daddio and i took our vows in front of the Lord, our families and friends... but i learned more about love - agape-  after benjo was born.  it breaks my heart when he has a bad day, it makes my heart smile to see him excited about something, i get that nervous pit in my stomach before he performs a comedy skit with friends..no matter what, i will always love my benjo.

he has a heart pure as gold, though he likes to talk sweet little sis into doing things he knows he shouldn't sometimes,  but he will be right beside her in trouble for whatever it was.  he loves to teach her new things and do fun things with his sis, though sometimes he may not want to admit it.:)

he is a sensitive soul & cares for his classmates and tries to help everyone to get along.  at the beginning of  2nd grade, he had written on his about him page that "he liked to be bullied."  this concerned me (a.k.a. made me cry), so i asked him... he said he didn't want others to be bullied & he could take it, so that's why he wrote it. we discussed this & that bullying is not ok - how i thought it was very kind what he felt, i didn't want others picking away at his happiness.  i think he got it.  in our conference, his teacher this year was in tears, telling me what a great child he was and how much she loved having him.  it's nice to hear they are doing the right thing when you aren't around. :)

there have been times, too many times, where i haven't felt good.  benj is the first one there with a bucket, my favorite pillow, a washcloth, a heating pad and anything else he can think of i might need.  when there have been times in life (deedee's passing, papaw's health and issues) that i have been really sad, he is first there to hug me, pray, and tell me it will all be ok.

i have so much joy just watching him be a kid and having fun... be it playing with his sister, his friends, me & daddio, or family, playing sports and games, laser tag or our dance offs.  he is a fun guy!

& he is a deep thinker... sometimes i have to tell him"i don't know why.." more often than i want & we search together for the answer.

mr. benjo, i am so thankful for being blessed with you as my son the past 8 years & look forward to learning, loving and exploring more as you grow (just try to slow it down a bit!:)) benj, i'll love you forever, i'll like you for always, as long as i'm living, my baby you'll be.

love, momma