Sunday, May 31, 2009

pretty little dresses for some pretty little girls

once again, i can not sleep. so, i sew...
tonight i was able to get part of a shower gift made, a birthday present, and a top for gracie made.

this white dress is for a cousin getting ready to have her 4th child, the first girl in their bunch!

this funky dress is for miss izzy, who is a week younger than gracie. her mom & i are also a week apart. we have been friends since middle school & i'm happy to call her my cousin in law. sara's a bit funky, so i hope she likes it and doesn't just think it's plain ugly.
i used a different old pillowcase for my bias material around the armholes. i also left it with a frayed edge, it made it easier on me & i liked the look.
to avoid a strangulation hazard with the tie, i've started sewing the ribbon in place on the dress. i read to do that somewhere, not my idea.

both of these dresses are special to me because they were made out of my grandma's old pillowcases. i think she will be smiling down from heaven at her great granddaughters wearing them.

deb, this one's for miss chloe. a very belated 2nd birthday present! i'm so sorry we haven't seen you in forever! i'll get it out in the mail this week, promise!

i made gracie a reversible swing top. i can't wait to try it on her & see how it looks. this was made out of some old 70's goodwill dresses. i didn't use a pattern, not enough patience for that of course. but, i think it turned out pretty good for winging it.

hope everyone is having a great weekend. off to bed to try & sleep....

Friday, May 29, 2009

friday night jam session

we broke out the guitars tonight.

a fun start to the weekend.

beano plays just like his daddy, loud.

ben played till he "got a hole in his finger" from playing so hard.

the poor boy isn't feeling too good today, but he still managed to sing a love song. it went i love you, i love you. music to my ears!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

from bed head to marvelous!

miss gracie has the craziest bed head known to man. most detangling sprays won't make a dent in those knots, or contains chemicals that i do not want on my little one's body.

i've finally found something that works better than my wildest dreams. juices & berries from oyin handmade. i love, love, love this stuff! it makes her knotty hair turn into smooth golden curly locks.

i know you can't tell it from the picture, but it makes her hair amazing & smell soo sweet! another produt i love from oyin (can't beat the funk butter for these hot days!)
her hairclip came from i love her bows!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


smile, jesus loves you!

from momma to mommy

miss g is officially weaned. my body is still not agreeing with this idea. i think what hurts worse than my chest is the fact that my baby is growing up. i know this is a great thing, now i'm just not ready. i will miss those big blue eyes looking up at me and that smile she would make when i was feeding her.
over the weekend, she went from calling me momma to mommy. no matter how i try, it's mommy. she's such a big girl & i am proud of her & how well she adjusted to no longer nursing. now her mommy just needs to adjust.

Monday, May 25, 2009

weekend at namaw & poppy's

since quitting nursing had left me with a bout of mastitis, i was looking forward to resting & the extra hands at namaw & poppy's this weekend. it was quite nice for me. the kiddos had the best time there, as always.
they got to play, play, play.
daddio finally changed out the mailbox. that mailbox was given to them by namaw's grandaddy. held up well over the years. poppy had placed a board inside the lid to give any maibox batters a bit of a jar when they took a swing. good thinking poppy!
he used a lesson my papaw taught him on how to remove posts using a post, a rock & a chain to get the old mailbox out of the ground. i thought that was pretty cool. the new mailbox was a christmas present from us & auntie jen. here's the finished product, auntie jen. not bad, hey?
gracie looks quite sharp in namaw's glasses, doesn't she?

thank you namaw & poppy for the wonderful weekend. we had a great time! thank you for taking care of everyone while i rested too! love you, sara

black and white

here are some pictures of miss gracie in her skirt & shirt from over the weekend. i think these are too cute. i love her in her little skirt & rain boots.

not made for eating grape popsicles in!


hope everyone has a great week! - sara

here fishy, fishy!

daddio's family(my family too, i know) has an annual memorial weekend fishing trip & fish fry. this is the first time we have been able to participate in both. ben has the fishing gene for sure ; right away he caught the first fish & went on to catch 7 more! i know he made poppy proud!

gracie borrowed namaw's fishing hat for this adventure. it looked pretty good on her, especially with the boots. watch out fishies, here we come!

gracie pointing out the spot she thought would be best to fish in...

my little fisherman.
ben making his first cast with the rocket launcher fish rod.
it only lasted one or two casts, namaw is taking it back.

the first catch of the day by my son, mr. beano!!!

running back after making his second catch of the day!

daddio & ben reeling in a big one. you can't beat that look of excitement on ben's face. he was loving every minute of it.
a more serious moment between the two...
namaw having a good ole time..

gracie's favorite part was playing with the worms.
dirty little fingers.

she loved giving them hugs.

the cousins & their boys with all the fishies they caught.
i must say i didn't actually fish, gracie & i only lasted about an hour out there. the heat was really getting to me. so, we went back home & had some much needed rest. i really enjoyed my fishing trip!!

happy birthday cousin morgan!

we went to cousin morgan's birthday party on saturday. happy big 5, big cousin! ben & gracie both had fun playing with their cousins & getting to know them better over the weekend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sleep update

she went to sleep tonight without nursing & without pitching a fit! yea! i bribed her by watching blue's clues & telling her "the girls" are owie. they sure are. thank god for cabbage though. cold cabbage leaves make the pain so much better (as long as you don't mind smelling like cole slaw)!

a sweet day

it's always a sweet day when we go visit damaw at the courthouse (or jody's big house as ben calls it). so sweet today, the kiddos had a sucker in each hand.
jody, we missed you today!

we went & played at the petersburg park. that town has a great park for kids i must say. lots of space to run, lots of slides, lots of swings, lots of climbing stuff. just lots of fun!
gracie flashing the peace sign.
giddy up!

ben posing for the camera.
ben is a bit apprehensive about slides.
almost there...
made it!!!!

i love these pictures of my baby girl trying to climb up the big slide. (she would have too, if i would let her). gracie climbing reminded me of miss kingsley, ready to climb mountains!

i just love her dirty little face with her hair in her eyes.

on a side note... we are in the process of weaning miss g from nursing & it so hurts! both my chest & my heart hurt to hear her cry. i am just ready to be done. she's almost 2 & momma's ready to call it quits. i never even planned to nurse for this long, she just still seems so little to me. last night was the first night i haven't nursed her to sleep (besides when namaw & poppy have watched her a few times). it wasn't too bad; about an hour of begging & crying. hopefully tonight will go better.
i hope everyone is having a great week! radiation again for pap tomorrow, so another road trip for us. looking forward to a long weekend of camping out (in namaw & poppy's yard), fishing, and hanging out with family and friends.