Tuesday, July 19, 2011

summertime a flyin by

this summer is just a flyin by & i have really neglected writing down some of them memories in the making.  ben finished his t-ball career, much to everyone's relief.  half the time on the last game his hat was cocked to the side, but thank goodness daddio was there to help straighten him out.

when he was on first base, he'd often chat with the other team, depending on if they were "interesting" or not.  i don't quite know how he determined that.

getting his trophy with his proud daddy!

gracie celebrated her 4th birthday with lots of family & friends. she has on her "i;m crabby like my daddy shirt" from her auntie, her new favorite shirt!

her birthday wish was "for everyone to be happy!"

all the kiddos had a blast playing on the water slide! cowabunga, dude!!

by the end of the party, i think she was a bit tired out.

the next day, while daddio was "sleeping," we gave him a beautiful pedicure. 

he had socks on until it was removed.  what a good daddy!

 & i celebrated 33rd birthday with my very favorite kiddos & hubby.  we went & ate at charlie's mongolian barbeque for dinner.  ben asked why we took him there, because it was so good & made him too full!! 

some of the other random fun memories of the past few weeks:  gracie eating her tomatoes (favorite food) with ketchup - "totally good", as she would say.  "totally" has become her totally favorite word in the world i think.

ben learning to swim & jumping in the pool.  big time!! of course there are lots of rules we have & they have both been very good abiding by them.

every time he jumps off, or does a trick, he yells "did you get that mom?'' he is always making some hand gesture too.. what a clown.

ben has also learned to snap, whistle & has a loose tooth.  that boy is growing up faster than i could ever imagine.  kindergarten is right around the corner.  yikers!

i wish i would write down all the things they say on a daily basis that make my cheeks hurt from laughing each day, but i'm not that good.  they keep growing & growing into their own individual selves & this momma couldn't be prouder!  i love you my sweet kiddos!!