Sunday, September 20, 2009

happy belated birthday to one of our girls!

ben (& gracie) has 3 cousins that he just loves. he calls them his "girls." the youngest, miss allison just turned 14. she is such a sweet young lady. it makes me feel super old that she is already 14, she acts much older than that! i remember when she was born & her growing up through the years. she's always been a loving girl, beautiful inside and out. here's the lovely birthday gal..
5 years ago at our wedding

& today!!

we went over to visit with "the girls" today after papaw's.
gracie got some good cuddle time in with aubrie.

allie showed us one of her birthday presents. these are shoes with toes in them. the things they have nowadays! i guess they are used for rock climbing & water activities. kindy funky..

the girls have loads of games to play. today, we played chinese checkers and slap happy. this game rocks. how fun are these big foam hands? in the game, you roll a dice & try to slap on that color circle first. it's a game from when miss allie was a kiddo & now my kiddos get to learn & play with it.

thanks allie & aubrie for such a wonderful afternoon! we love you girls, keep on being so lovely & awesome. happy belated birthday to you, miss allison!!

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