Saturday, May 22, 2010

taking a break

well, while we are at pap's we will be taking a break from blogging (no computer).  hopefully we can survive! 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

mother's day at papaw's

papaw got to come home for a bit on sunday.  we all had some lunch that damaw made & enjoyed the sunshine day outside. 

the day was full of emotions for all of us.  pap got teared up during the prayer at lunch, broke my heart.  i hate seeing him this way. 

justin, the best grandson in law, got on the tractor & bush-hogged the fields.  i could see pap's blood pressure rising as he watched.  he was very worried justin would get hurt, even though he's a big boy.  i guess the tractor has a few little quirks to it & it's hard to watch someone else do a job you've been doing your way for 50+ years.

the kiddos had fun playing chase outside.  i just love this picture of grace & daddio.

next week, papaw gets to come home & i am scared.  i am scared my kiddos will not like staying there.  i am scared that i can't handle the care for pap (even though he requires very minimal care right now - the therapists said their goal is to have him walking all by himself with no assistance by tuesday!) & still provide the care my kiddos need.  thank god for my justin & kids.  he assures me everything will be ok every day & we will be able to help pap get back on his own & to look at all the positives this will bring (some country living, lots of play outside, taking care of a big garden, showing the kids how important it is to care for loved ones).  i've been trying to hide my fears & tears from my kids, but sometimes they just come out.  ben & grace will stop whatever they are doing & run to hug me & tell me "i wuv you, don't cry" & "it's ok momma."  my family is the best.   with our family, friends & god i do know we will all make it through this.

tball game #2

t-ball game #2 finally came after many rain cancellations.  ben was super excited to have namaw & poppy in the stands cheering for him.

i wish i had videoed him, as it looked like he was practicing his dance moves more than fielding out there.

poppin a squat.

catching that ball or playing in the dirt?

a quick wave to his #1 fan (me).

gracie giving some hitting advice to her bro.  at least she was behind the fence.  i spent most of the game trying to keep her off the field.  little stinker.

after the game, sis wouldn't let go of him.  she sure loves her big brother.

he's loving ball & i am loving watching him!  his coach is awesome & his helper coach (daddio) is the bestest!

Monday, May 10, 2010

happy mother's day

happy mother's day to all the mommas out there, especially damaw & namaw & deedee.  we love you so!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

walking & posing & running & dancing along

we took a family walk the other evening.  i'd like to do it every night, but we've only been home before dark once this week. 

on the walk the kiddos had fun talking to the geese, going up the big hill & posing for the camera. 

her shirt says it all.

pretending to play guitars.
his air guitar finale.
just having fun!

i love my kiddos. (& my hunny!)

oh what a feeling, toyota!!

at joy's hope this morning, she was showing her love for the minivan & the new toyota video.

ha! ha!
 i can't wait to get my minivan back from the shop & save up for a nice used one of these.  built by the best here in indiana, for shizzle. 
p.s. i always thought for a tundra commercial, they should have used thunderstruck by ac/dc & turned into tundrastruck.  (good thing i wasn't a marketing major)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


his morning, one of the blogs i like to visit had a link to her top 5.  the journey was on her list & is now on mine.
 just amazing. 
you gotta check it out. 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

slumber party!

last night, we had a very special guest come stay with us.  she was planning to just join us for one of justin's fantabulous meals, but couldn't say no to the sweet little kiddos (& me) begging her to stay and play. 
so, we had a dan zane's dance party in ben's room, disco ball & all!  almost like our nights in the club when we were much younger. 

bed time was much fun, all snuggled together in our tie-dyed shirts.  ben & gracie had tons & tons of books for aunt kristen to read.

i really need to work on self photos - i used to be so good at that in college!

gracie & i moved to the other bed with daddio after she was accidently pushed out in the middle of the night (sorry, sweetie).  & miss kris was awakened in the middle of the night to a hand grabbing her chest saying "momma, i can't sleep."  i'm sure that was quite a freak out for you, my dear!  good job getting him back to sleep.

kristen, we all had such a good time with you here yesterday evening.   it has been so good to have you here going through this stuff with pap too.   i enjoyed revisiting old memories & talking about the beautiful messes that are our lives.  i love you like my sister forever.  come play & stay with us more!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

little baby birdie egg

a few sundays ago, the kiddos discovered a little bitty egg  that had fallen out of a tree.  we couldn't even see the nest, the tree was so big.  the kiddos decided they could hatch this egg.   for a while, they both contemplated on the best way to care for the delicate being growing inside.   

but grace soon decided she was the momma, took charge & knew what was best. 

she was the only one who knew how to care for it.  she carried that egg all around, took it for a swing, pet it & loved it. 

papaw asked to see it.  nooo way!  (here she is running away from him after the request)

mr. ben gave up his birdie rights to enjoy some good old playing at pap's.

i'm sorry to say that little birdie egg, though greatly loved, didn't make it in the hands of gracie. 

i was suprised at how well she took it.  yes, there was some crying (we are a bit of a drama machine right now, so i would have been worried had there not been). my well meaning 2 year old animal lover learned how delicate little baby birdie eggs can be & how careful we need to be with all god's creatures (except worms, she still tears those apart when caring for them..). 

oh, caring for a little one (even a little birdie egg) can wear a person out!