Friday, September 18, 2009

our favorite animals at the zoo

no preschool today, so the kiddos & i went to the zoo.
ben spent most of the time saying "come on guys!" he's always ready to make it to his favorite things at the zoo...

gracie, on the other hand, was taking time to smell each & every flower along the way (she was trying to pick them all too)

we made it to the giraffes. my favorite. up there with the kiddos too because they get so close to you.
ben even petted it today.

i think he's smiling at me!

the kiddos playing on the giraffe statue. gracie just loved hugging & petting the statue for some reason today.

that giraffe is such a friendly guy. i sure do like him.

our next stop were the sea otters. the kiddos looove getting in the underwater tube & watching the otters swim all around. i think the entire zoo could hear their squeals of delight watching the otters.

after the otters, we called it a day, as they were tired of walking & very hungry. we ate at the zoo cafe, which wasn't half bad. the kids really enjoyed their icecream dots!

now what to do for the weekend???

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