Saturday, November 1, 2008

rock lobster, batben, bellabutterfly & an old hannah montana

oh me, oh my we have soo much candy! for breakfast, instead of his typical yogurt with cheerios & sprinkles, beano was requesting CANDY!! i was able to talk him into eating a healthy breakfast so his friends could come over & play. we had a great playdate. i really enjoyed catching up with karen & the kids are getting much better about taking turns & sharing (it's tough!).
we were busy all day today, excited about halloween festivities. i dressed cecee up as a clown to go to the store & beano wore his batman suit (his pjs).
when we were done with errands, we had to be super fast to get ready for the party. i whipped up a yummy fruit pizza (one of the few things i can make) & beano and i made daddio's lobster costume. we used a red tablecloth, some red paper plates, some red cups & LOTS of tape! it was supposed to look like this from here. it didn't quite turn out right. daddy was a good sport & wore it long enough for a picture. i think it made beano's night to see daddio in a lobster suit he helped make.
we went over to lori & randy's for their annual halloween party - yea! here are all of us that were dressed up. daddio's costume looks a bit more like a red cow or who knows what!
it was a great time. their neighborhood is full of trick or treaters, it is very cool to see all the kids.
here's a family portrait of us dressed up. cecee is a beautiful butterfly, i'm an old hannah montana, daddio is a lobster/cow/monster, beano is batben. beano was running away because mama was embarrasing him. just wait kiddo, how embasrrasing i will be when you are 13, ahhhahaha!

we missed janet, brad (Happy birthday to you Brad!)& darby((ben has been talking about getting inside a whale belly with you sometime soon!) and deedee & paul though. we hope to see you all soon!
trick or treating in their neighborhood could take all night. we just went down one street & had plenty of goodies. here's beano walking down the road.

cecee fell asleep right away in the van, but beano was too excited. at home, he started sorting his candy out right away; what he would share, what he would eat, etc. he's such a sweetie.

i hope everyone had a spooktasticular halloween! i can't believe tomorrow is november 1!


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

oh my! those costumes are great! those do look a little like utters! lol!

looks like you had fun & got a nice stash of candy! we ran out of candy around *:30 or so, so we turned out the lights! :)

rachel b. said...

I love the outfits!! You guys are so creative! I can't wait to see you guys soon!