Monday, November 17, 2008

hand me down toys & walking the dog

we went to papaw's sunday & i went down to the basement... ohh, the basement where we cousins would put on haunted houses every holiday. kristen, will you be brave enough over thanksgiving to go down the stairs??? there is an assortment of goodies from all generations down there. i found some toys to take home & clean up for the kids. luke's castle grey skull is still down in the basement begging to be played with! i wasn't planning to give them just yet, but beano discovered them & begged for me to clean them. when they were cleaned, he said he was "so xited" & "thank you mama for being the best mama in the world"
can't get much better than that!
here are the kids playing with their "new" sesame street playhouse & some old little people. too bad those are choking hazards! man did they have a fun time playing & discovering all the features of the toy!

the poor kiddos are turning into their mama. to go to papaw's for a few hours, they each had to pack up suitcases. we are always prepared & overpacked!

i love cecee's coat. i bought it at a yard sale before we even had a little girl. it's a bit gnomy don't ya think?

she just loves to walk the doggies.
sometimes they make her a bit mad though.a>


The Jarrett Family said...

What a great coat! I love the close up shot too! And oh how I wish my mom would have saved all of our little people toys...they don't make them like they used to.

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

that coat is awesome! love the pics! that sesame street house is too cool! :)