Sunday, November 9, 2008

no camera this weekend, oh no!

we had a busy weekend & i forgot the memory stick to my camera. it was such a fun weekend too. we are turning into party animals- 2 birthday parties in 1 day!

we went to mitchell art academy for janet's surprise 40th birthday. we all painted bowls & plates for her & family to use at home. how cool it will be to eat on plates designed & decorated by those that love you!

after the fun there, we headed east to another wonderful woman's birthday party. there's always great food at monica's & lots of family fun. since we had the kiddos, we had to leave the real party early. i hope everyone is feeling ok today!

saturday, we stayed all night at namaw & poppy's. today we had a yummy brunch of fruit, fillets, biscuits & gravy (mine with jelly), potatoes & eggs. we played outside, throwing rocks into the creek & running around the yard. beano is a pro at throwing the hoverdiscs around!
as always, beano didn't want to leave. goodbyes are so hard for him.
i hope over thanksgiving we will be able to spend more time & visit with friends too!

to top off a wonderful weekend, we watched cars & ate popsicles in bed.

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Monica said...

I wasn't feeling so well when I had to get up at 7:00 am to pick up the doggies but I survived "the real party". It's always a pleasure to have you all around-I actually consider my familty the real party so I'm looking forward to the next gathering.
PS: I love all of the pics of Ben in his Batman (ben-man) pj's. Are those still the same ones? Should I put the next size up on my Christmas list for him this year?