Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a message to all & some baking going on

the kiddos helped me with preparing the pumpkin roll today. we all had on our aprons & chef hats. cecee even had on her stethoscope in case a doctor was needed. beano did a great job mixing all the ingredients. cecee could reach the silverware drawer, so every utensil was used in the production of the pumpkin roll. i think back to all the times my mom, mamaw & deedee would let me "help" as a child & how much i loved that. thank you guys for that. i think my kids had fun today too. can't wait to bake some cookies! <

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missdreampainter said...

Hey Sara,

It is so great to see your beautiful family and all the fun times you have as a mom. Hope you guys had a wonderful turkey day celebration!!!