Sunday, November 2, 2008

what i love about sundays

i looove the country song by craig morgan "that's what i love about sundays." i can't listen to it without crying. it makes me think of my childhood & hopefully the memories my children will have too. we haven't been good about making it to church, but i have set a goal to make it a priority.

our weekends have been pretty busy lately. by sunday night, we are all pooped. i should be sleeping now, but of course am here on the computer.

daddio had to work saturday, so the kiddos & i went yard saling. we hit the jackpot at one yard sale. a wonderful family with great stuff for really cheap! a ton of books & workbook/homeschooling materials (we aren't planning to homeschool, but i think we will get use out of them) for the kids, crafting supplies, educational toys, & some cool things for cecee's room. i just love this picture, it's above her closet now.
i didn't think the day could get much better, we had such fun at the yard sale. but, cousin janet called & invited us for family fun hours at mitchell art academy. that place is awesome!! during the family fun hours; you can paint, draw and create with clay. they also have paint your own pottery pieces. beano painted a race car (of course) and made a clay sculpture all by himself. cecee was asleep when we arrived, so we tried to make a plate with her foot & hand prints on it. her foot is the body of an angel & her hands are the wings. i can't wait to see the finished projects! i think we will add this to our fun things to do list. after creating the masterpieces, we went with janet, darby & allie to lic's for some ice cream. yummy!

today, we went out to papaw's & celebrated the phillies winning the world series. have i mentioned how excited he is about this? here everyone is getting ready to chow down on their hot dogs, baked beans & chips.
we had a good time at papaw's today. papaw always has projects for daddio to do on the sundays we go there. usually it involves chopping firewood, fixing the chimney or some other manly job. today, it was to fix the leaking kitchen sink. the drip is now a slow stream. the kids danced and played outside with damaw & peggy while i cleaned up the back room where all the misc stuff ends up. i love looking through all the memories at papaw's house. lots of good times.

beano was looking for clues today at papaw's he kept looking at the dog's rear ends more than anything. what a goofball!
he is already planning his birthday. he told damaw to "don't get about for" (what he says instead of don't forget about) "white balloons" for his party. i can't believe he will be 3 soon! we found him an indianapolis colts bike at kmart for $6. how i love bargain shopping!

as you can tell, i added music to the blog. the songs make me smile, i hope they make you too.


The Jarrett Family said...

I love the picture of Ben with the magnifying glass...a super sleuth in the making!! You'll have to post pics of their ceramics when they're done too.

Anonymous said...

I love Sundays at Grandpas!

angie said...

I love this picture. I just cracked up laughing in front of my laptop.