Monday, November 10, 2008

scrub the floors cinderella!

the house was a mess today after the weekend. so i could get some cleaning done, i popped in a signing times dvd for the kiddos & gave them each 1/2 a popsicle. bad idea.

cecee loves to leave a trail wherever she goes; be it popcorn, cereal, cheese or popsicle. well, there was a trail of red popsicle juice all over our living room. nothing a little la's awesome cleaner couldn't take care of. i love that stuff, $1 at the dollar tree & it cleans anything!

as i was scrubbing the stains, cecee took it upon herself to get a wipe & start cleaning. what a sweetie.
you can see the popsicle stains all over her pants.

by the time daddio got home, beano was ready to drink some gatoregg (gatorade) & play chase on his motorsickle (motorcycle). he wants a motorsickle birthday cake that plays music just like his ride. how am i gonna do that?
. he is so goofy, he cracks up taking pictures of peoples' (especially daddio's) booties. tonight, he wanted me to take one of his on his bike.

after bath, cecee was giving her favorite doll a ride in the shopping cart.

all in all, a pretty good monday here.

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