Sunday, November 23, 2008

my new favorite weekend spot..

i looove the mitchell art academey! laura is so awesome & fun. we have a blast crafting every time we go (& the prices are waaay reasonable). we went to "crap" class today, as beano calls it. we went back to the art studio for the family fun hours & met our fun cousins there. thank goodness, i forgot any cash & my 16 year old cousin had to pay for our stuff. thanks aub!

darbs decided to build a snail out of clay today. beano liked rolling out the clay & then cutting it with cookie cutters. he did this for quite a while.
cecee was really into eating the clay.

i wanted to make something special for the grannys, beano was not interested in helping me, too busy coloring & chasing darbs around. so, cecee became the artist. she helped me make some items for some special grannys we know.
she wasn't too thrilled about me painting her foot. the bowl & cup didn't turn out as planned, but i'm sure the grannys will cherish them since they were made with love.

a million thanks to my cousins, who lovingly watched the kiddos for us tonight so mama & daddio could go out with friends. you guys looked pooped by the time we left! i know my kids had fun! it's always a good time there!! thank you for the pictures too from the surprise party... here they are!
for some reason we all hid under the tables except paul & daddio.

i think she was quite suprised to see us all!

her hat & glasses made her look more beautiful than ever!

i really loved watching everyone put so much thought & work into their bowls and plates. there was little talk going on, as everyone was working so hard on getting their design "just right".

great memories were made that day!

now, what you have all been waiting for.... the finished bowls & plates from jl's 40th birthday party!!!! they look awesome. oh, i hope we can do this for my birthday someday.

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

How cool! WOW! Looks like great fun! :)