Wednesday, November 5, 2008

do a little dance!

ugh, today mama has had a headache. one of those days where i wish i could have stayed in bed. the toy of choice has been a very loud skeleton that plays a song. beano loves to rock out to it. take a look!


Deb said...

That is too cute!! I try to get Caleb to dance, but he gets shy. I LOVE your blog! Thanks for sharing the link! I'll be a regular stalker! Hope you all are doing well. We miss you guys!

sara said...

we miss you guys a BUNCH!!! we will be in town this weekend!! do you have sat evening or early sunday plans??? we would love to come see you. i think justin is missing his buds a lot too. we'll call you on the way up there tomorrow!

Deb said...

That would be GREAT! We don't have any plans this weekend! We would love to see you guys!