Tuesday, November 4, 2008

leaves, leaves & more leaves

neighbor j keeps his yard looking so nice. ours, not so much. i felt guilty about our leaves blowing into his yard, so i put the kiddos to work.

i forgot how much fun jumping in a pile of leaves can be!

beano was even "swimming" in the leaves. cecee was cracking up at him!

we were soaking up the nice weather today. we went for a trike ride/wagon ride down the street. i love these pictures of the kiddos from today, so i must share.

this one is when beano was upset because i wouldn't go up the big hill. it's just a bit too hard by myself to chase him down with cecee in the wagon. i was proud of him for not throwing a tantrum, as we have had quite a few lately. we try to take deep breaths & release to calm down & i think that it starting to help some of us!being a mon has made me realized i needed to change into a better person, one my children & husband could be proud of. so, i am working on being a better momma & hopefully the tantrums will sllloooow down a little (i hope!)

on the way home, he was tired of pedaling (as always) & wanted to pull up little sis.

i want to thank karen for beings such an awesome friend, inviting me into your circle of friends. and for talking me into writing a blog. I'm not a writer, but i'm glad i've started "blogging" about our day to day activities. i think it is making me appreciate more all the memories we are making. & now i know i won't "get about for" (forget about in beanglish) it. i think it also reaffirms my love for our children & for my love of my life and for my love & respect for or family and friends, thanks karen for talking me into doing this!


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

AW! You are awesome, which is why i harassed and bugged you into becoming a blogger momma! I know you will inspire your readers to be a better person...just like you do for me!
much love, Karen

sara said...

aww thanks! i don't know what i'd do without you!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Ben & Gracie-these pics are so cute. Happy Day after election day!! YAY OBAMA!