Thursday, November 20, 2008

popkern & the office

thank goodness it's thursday night! this has been a hectic week, full of fun playdates with friends & dr. visits with family. i'm so glad the weekend is almost here, even though daddio has to work.
in our home, thursday nights are our wild night. we pop some popkern, as beano calls it, & watch the office. i know it's not the best show for kids, but we all enjoy watching michael, jim & pam (i'm so happy they are finally together!) and the other office crew.
everyone had to have their own bowl tonight.

we went to the goodwill today & bought some books (we love to read around here). we found 2 richard scarry books (my favorite) & some other great reads for the kids. tonight, beano wanted to read in a tent. things are always more fun in a fort or a tent!

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