Friday, October 31, 2008

trunk or treat & yea phillies!!

last night was a spooktacular night! we went to our friends' church for some trunk or treating.
cecee was a quick learner to the trick or treating. she kept going up to a certain lady, smiling & getting a handful of candy. beano's favorite part was getting his own pirate sword balloon to attack monsters, so daddy monster beware!

all of that trunk or treating made the men thirsty & hungry. on the way home, daddio stopped to get some food & a gatoregg(gatorade), as beano calls it. daddy tried to sneak a drink before giving it to beano, but beano told him "daddy i'll share with you, take some." what a sweetie. sometimes he even shares with cecee!
beano a.k.a. batben & cecee, princess butterfly, came home with loads of candy & couldn't wait to try & eat it all.

we were up till after 10:30 due to all the candy & excitment from the night.
a blog i love to read, whatever, had posted about clearance hannah montana wigs. so, i had to get one for myself. i attemped to dress up like hannah, but looked more like a tramp. i think the wig looks pretty good on cecee though!

i also purchased a high school musical blond wig. i put it on right away after the mall. beano begged me, "mama, please take it off, you look like damaw!" what do you think?

the phillies won the world series! hip hip hooray!
papaw, their #1 fan, i'm sure is still celebrating.

& zaky got to go to damaw's house. he is much happier!

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

you make a lovely hannah montanna....i wonder what annoying disney "star" will be the big thing when our girls are teens....ugh. i don't wanna think about that!
have a lovely weekend! we love you guys!