Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow fun & cookies!

the kiddos were of course thrilled to see the amount of snow that had fallen over night.  their pancakes were eaten super fast, the layers & layers of clothing put on,

i snapped their picture (they look like they are in a line up, don't they?) & out we went. 

gracie's favorite part was once again, eating the snow.

ben just loves a good snowball fight. 

we really need to remember to pick up our sled from damaw's, but we made do today with the sandbox lid (that brown stuff on it is sand)
 & the bilibos.  

one of my favorites is always making snow angels.  so much fun to plop down on the ground & wave your hands & legs!

ben decorated my angel up a lovely shade of blue.

ahh, lovin that snow!

my little snow angel

gracie with her tounge stuck out.  seriously, this little girl has her tounge out of her mouth all the time!

there it is again.

after the first round outside, we came in for lunch, to make some cookies (gracie & i) & play mario kart (daddio & ben).   

rolling out the dough.  she was very generous with the flour to make sure the cookie dough wouldn't stick.

ben decided to join in on the fun a little later.  gracie was the "expert" though & enjoyed telling ben how to do something for a change.  of course, ben decided he was an expert right away too. 

.  making the second batch of cookies. working together, love it!

zack was patiently waiting for his favorite little girl to drop him a treat.

the finished products.  made with lots of little kid love for our neighbors. 

we packaged them up, bundled ourselves up & went door to door to deliver the goodies. 

they had to both hold neighbor john's cookies, as he is their favorite papaw neighbor in the whole wide world.  (he is pretty awesome, he & another neighbor cleared out all of the driveways on our street with his snowblower this morning)

after that, i headed inside for a nap  while daddio & the kiddos had snowball battle round 2.  what a perfect saturday!

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