Monday, January 11, 2010

pocket full of sunshine

miss gracie has had a rough morning. momma woke her up early to take papaw to the eye doctor & she wasn't happy. i thought just because i woke her up. oh no- almost to pap's (about an hour away), she started getting sick. it was a loong drive back to our home. we had to stop several times for the poor gal to dump out the puke bucket & clean her up. she is a trooper though & didn't fuss much.

when we got home, big brother helped her recover by bringing her a wet rag. such a sweetie. we've had a cartoon filled day this afternoon & she is feeling much better. & her lunch has stayed down. i'm so glad!

on the way to recovery!

today, she's sporting one of her "pocket shirts" i made for her to carry around her little treasures. she loves itty bitty stuffed animals & having a place to put 1 or 2 now. her "pocket shirts" are her clothing of choice anymore.

big brother & sister smiling for the camera

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