Thursday, January 7, 2010

snow fun!!

the kiddos were thrilled to wake up to snow this morning. "can we go out & play now?" was the question ben kept repeating again & again & again. after breakfast, we went.

i couldn't help but think of the little brother in a christmas story all bundled up when i was layering ben.

they made some mighty pretty snow angels.

gracie loved eating the snow.

they would get on all 4's & eat snow.

that tongue of hers is always out!

zackers came out & played for a bit till his poor paws got cold.

daddio even got to play before going into work.

big brother giving sis a ride.

that's the look of a kid getting ready to attack someone with snowballs!


me after the attack.

my sweet, frozen little girl.

doesn't she look so happy?

of course, some hot chocolate & smarshmallows to warm up with inside.

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