Tuesday, February 2, 2010

checkin out churches update

well, this weekend we worshipped at the movies!  we attended discovery church on the west side.  i must say, we all loved it.  we both loved hearing pastor trey speak god's word.  they didn't serve any popcorn (my kiddos were hoping for some), but a popcorn bucket was the offering plate.  the kiddos loved playing in the nursery / sunday school room where they also had a lesson. 

as we are on our search for a church home in town, it has been such fun to attend different churches & be a part of their worship service.  each one has been beautifully different (all very different from the lutheran church i grew up in).  it has been an awesome experience for me to discover the other ways people praise god! 

this discovery church pretty much rocked.  the music was jamming!  it's a newer church & i really loved their enthusiam for god & sharing his love and word. 

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