Friday, January 29, 2010

growing up

ben likes to "talk" every night after prayers about who knows what.  tonight, we got them to bed pretty late & i thought i was too tired for this.  so i said "let's just talk in the morning."  daddio woke up to ask ben what he wanted to talk about. 
"umm, nuthin" ben said.

i laid there & realized daddio was right. i was being pretty selfish & these "talks" will soon be a fond memory. 

so, daddio started snoring & ben & i started talking about growing up. 

i told him someday he won't want me to hold him at night.  he assured me he would even when he is old (his wife may object to that).
we talked about when he was a baby & i would hold him all night long, sometimes staying awake for hours to make sure he was ok.  
"i was always ok, momma" he replied. 
yes, he was

he also told me god makes you, you are born a baby, you grow & grow, then you go to preschool & learn that's it. i told him he had it right so far, but we will keep learning & growing. 

a few more things were talked about, a few more big hugs & he went to sleep.

my little baby ben

big ben.  (yes, i just went in & snapped this picture of him sleeping)

tonight, ben & gracie got to play with "the grills"  while momma & daddio visited with lori & randy.  these 3 gals have grown up before my eyes into the most amazing young women i know.  thank you little ladies for helping mold my kids.  p.s. ben said he had fun playing chase & tickle aubrie!

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