Wednesday, January 27, 2010

little red dress

this is my goal.  i just love this dress.  i am waaay overweight & out of shape.  size 6 by summertime?  reaching for the stars here i know.  but, i think if i can get there, i'll order it. hopefully by summer that $117 price tag will be cut in half;  or sold out so i don't have to spend the $$ .  but this is my goal.

 that dress reminds me of my freshman year prom dress that my great aunt dee & grandma made for me that i oh so loved. 

i thought it was perfect.  so was my prom date above (just kidding, that's papaw).

us freshman gals above taking the junior-senior prom by storm.  what big hair we had!

that year, i had seen a picture of tori spelling wearing her prom dress in one of my prom magazines & wanted something just like it.  my wonderful aunt & grandma took it upon themselves to make me my own one of a kind dress. 

we even made my platform shoes extra special by adding ribbon that tied up. here is aunt deedee making the finishing touches on my shoes & me showing off my garter.  no comment on that.  or that hair. 

the back had a big ole bow.  maybe someday gracie will want to wear my couture dress..

a workout with some old friends (& hopefully some new) starts next tuesday & the diet has already begun.  i can do it. i can do it.


missdreampainter said...

wow, thanks for sharing that old photo, i think my hair takes up half the photo, i always loved that red dress of yours. best wishes on your plan, i know you can do it - just have fun and it will seem like nothing:)

Deb said...

You are so beautiful, and I love that dress! I know you can reach your goal!