Friday, January 8, 2010

our snow pinata party

i had found a pinata kit at tuesday morning for $3 & thought my kiddos would enjoy making it. what an undertaking!!
well, we started it wednesday evening & completed the fun tonight.
wednesday didn't quite go as planned.

we got all the pieces for the dino cut out & taped to the balloon. as we were placing the newspaper strips, the balloon popped. this happened not once, but twice. we all lost interest by that point.

yesterday, the kiddos found another balloon & we blew it up for round 3.

due to my frustration with the popping, i decided to go for a ball pinata instead of the dinosaur (it seemed to pop where the pieces we had cut out for the dino were attached to the balloon). making a ball much easier!

we got the newspaper & tissue paper all glued on & let it dry overnight.

today, we painted the ball after playing in the snow. i just let the kiddos go to town with whatever color they chose. quite colorful!

this evening we popped the balloon & filled it with candy.

tonight, we broke the bad boy to pieces.

go, gracie, go!

ben can be a bit intimidating holding a bat in his hand!!

ahh, candy time (leftover from ben's birthday party pinata) the best part!!

next time, i will tie a string to the balloon prior to using the paper strips so i have a way of hanging up our creation. we made do with a broom stick.
the kiddos had a fun time doing this & i think we will go a ball pinata route for the next pinata party!

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