Sunday, January 10, 2010

happy birthday, little sisters!

2 super special gals in my life have birthdays a day apart from each other. i've been writing, deleting, writing some more on this post; having a hard time finding the right words. i love you both & hope you had wonderful birthdays & a great 2010!


you welcomed me as your sister with open arms, even though i could be a less than stellar roomie sometimes (sorry about that). thank you.

i loved our late night talks when justin wasn't home about anything & everything. i do treasure those times when we really got to know each other. i love you.

sometimes, when ben & gracie are playing i often wonder if that is how you & justin were growing up. he loves her so & wants to protect her just like your big brother always has & still does.

christmas was a wonderful time for us all together. the kiddos really had fun playing with their auntie jen. there's some miles between us now, but we'll be planning trips to visit you & mike in florida(when it gets a bit warmer down there :) )


today at papaw's i was looking through pictures of all of us through the years.

what memories we have! thank you for being there by my side through them all. you are someone whom i could spend a bazillon days with and always have fun. we both have that odd sense of humor that many don't get (what's wrong with people?).

i miss you little lady & i'm here for you for whenever & for whatever, always remember that. i love ya.

to you both:
i've watched you both grow into such amazing, successful young women that i really do admire. there are no challenges that i've seen either of you back down from (you go girlies!). you both stand up for what you believe in & speak your mind. i'm glad my kiddos have such awesome aunties to look up to!

lots of love,

some pictures of you lovely ladies through the years:

a night out on the town!

bub & sis

at home in florida

riding around with luke

santa switch

my cousin with the pres

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