Thursday, January 28, 2010

family fun night

ben's preschool gave the kiddos passes for free mini golf at walther's golf & fun this week.  tonight was the night!   the kids couldn't wait!  ben kept talking about it & was hoping all of his friends would be there. 

check out that swing!

oops - ball in the water. 

 mr. ben got 2 holes in one.  mad skills!

watch out for grace with that club!

gracie lost interest pretty quick in the game of golf.  she did like to help me by picking up my ball & running and dropping it in the hole. 

after our quick round of golf, we hit the kiddos play area & arcade games. 

& guess what- brenna was there!!! ben & brenna were both thrilled to play with each other outside of school & stuck by each other's side the rest of the evening.  it was nice to talk to her family & hear the love is mutual.  apparently, the only thing she tells them about school is ben.

we played some ski ball & poor grace couldn't roll the balls hard enough,
so she took matters into her own hands.


mission accomplished.

there's a fun little play area for the kiddos at the golf center kinda like a mcdonald's play place.  some spots gracie could barely climb, but she kept at it till she made it.  i was proud of her determination.  one time, another preschool buddy noticed she was having a hard time & did his best to pull her up.  it was pretty sweet to watch them.

they both went down the big slide!! that's something for my kiddos.

at the end of the night, ben said this was his favorite day ever (i think because of brenna) & asked if we could do it again someday.  i think so!

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