Sunday, January 17, 2010

date night!!

oh, what a night!  our first child free night ever!!!!! can you believe it?  ben was very concerned that we would come back with a baby after date night, because that's what people do.  where does he get this stuff?
the kiddos had their first all night slumber party at grandma deedee & papaw paul's over the weekend with darby. & momma & daddio had a first date night in months.
we called up our friends dave & kate and headed to their home.

from there, we went to the casino to listen to some tunes & gamble on the boat.

this was kate's first time on the boat. poor thing lost $1. justin was the big winner of the night with $4! woo hoo!  we saw 2 managers from the guy's work there.  kinda odd!

fast eddy's was the final stop of the evening. my friend from highschool, jason was playing. his band is red eye max.  i was pretty impressed! he opened for kenny chesney over the summer! way to go jason, we look forward to the debut cd & hearing you on the radio!  it was great seeing my old friend & the path he is on.  watch out, brad paisley!
here's one of his songs from youtube.

thanks, dee, paul, janet & darby for watching our kiddos. they had a blast with you guys!
thanks, dave & kate for our date night. we had a wonderful time!

the crew at night's end

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