Tuesday, August 30, 2011

it's been a rough couple of weeks...

for benjo's red folder.  it looks like it's been through an entire school year instead of just 3 or 4 weeks. 

i can't help but think his daddy's folder looked the same way, all bunched up in the backpack. :)

he had his first homework assignment today & couldn't wait to start it when we got home.  i hope that enthusiasm continues.  on 1 of the pages, he had to draw 2 birdies.  he asked me to draw him an example.  umm, momma is no artist.  & he copied exactly the birdies i made.

  momma needs some art class.  i think we'll let daddio help with the artwork for now.

poor boy has an ear infection & yucky cough (like the rest of us).  last night, when we were all in bed  the worries started getting him.  he is table leader this week & he was worried about letting his table down if he had to miss school (he didn't, momma sent him anyway).  he survived through the day & was wanting to have a play date with another bus buddy.  this boy has quite a social life for a kindergartner.  who knew so many kiddos (sweet kiddos too) lived in our neighborhood.  we are quite blessed!

the schoolwork he brings home is a piling up!  they have already made it through the alphabet & onto bigger things.  our artwork display is running out of room.  (i'm going to use melissa's idea & put all of his kindergarten work in a binder since there is so much - thanks, melissa!)

for momma, it's been a rough couple of weeks too.  i haven't gotten into the best routine yet.  i'm always setting a timer to make sure we or i are where we need to be.  but there's been times (today) when i'm downstairs & don't hear it.  gotta get out that old watch i guess...

& not to leave out miss gracie faye... she's loving preK - it's just the leaving annabelle part we have a hard time with.  she cried for a looong time today when we went home because she didn't get to go home with her.  she thinks everyday should be annabelle playdate day!  (& alaina after school)

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