Friday, August 12, 2011

kick it good!

both kiddos had their first soccer practices tonight.  gracie has been having meltdowns about soccer since she realized there would be games.  (she just wants to practice she says)  tonight, she did just fine. she tried to do everything the coach said & was so durn cute!  one time, she looked over at me & smiled & yelled "hi mom!"  love her!
some of the future mia hamm in action:
striking a pose
 stretching it out
ready for action!! 
kickin it!

just plain ole cute! 

daddio did an a+++ job coaching benj's team tonight.  it was a bit hectic, the boys only had 1/2 a field to practice on, so many teams out there!  & 2 moms were a bit miffed because they couldn't find our team  - which was totally my fault.  i had emailed we would meet under the pavilion for last week's practice (that we didn't have due to heat) & that's where they were up there waiting & waiting for 20 minutes.  (i would have checked the fields at that point i think)  i got a very nasty phone call as i was watching gracie practice (some not so nice language to say the least).  i found the mom that called my cell, apologized & escorted her & her son to the field.  she said the other mom had already left (didn't) because she was so po'd.   they were not happy at all! on a more positive note,  i must say i am proud of my hubby for his hard work tonight as coach & the kiddos for their great job practicing.  ben was quite excited for his daddy to be coach.  we will be working with him a bit more on paying better attention to "coach" not daddy, as he gets a bit "wild up!"
some of the future david beckham in action:
yep, that's him down in the net. 

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