Wednesday, August 3, 2011

sicky no more

the kiddos had their vaccinations & physicals last week. gracie wanted hers too, saying it would only tickle she thought.  that was, until she saw the needles.  screaming & crying & crying some more!  man, oh man.  benj was a brave one & didn't even shed a tear.  it was a pretty funny doctor visit though... the nurse gave them both cups to urinate in & told them to see who could fill it up more.  not a good idea - i was cleaning up pee from the floor & was very thankful i had a spare pair of clothes for gracie.  but, ben was the winner & he was very proud of that fact. 

a few hours later, the sickness started.  & it was no fun.  a week of yuck for sure.  we even went to the er one night.
he wasn't too sick to play his ds though.

actually, he didn't look sick at all.

unless it was "that time" again. (photo taken by beano himself)  4 containers full.yuck.

lots of sanitizer was used for sure.  he loved that stuff.

& he loved taking shots of random things in the room.  made the 4 hours just fly by!

we really did have fun in the er room, having some good talks about life & love.  he's pretty deep for a 5 year old sometimes.  we talked about how he will likely have more than one "love" in his life (not just miss b from his first year of preschool) & someday he will find that special one.  he asked if i or justin ever had other gurlfriends or boyfriends & i said yes.  he was so interested in what they looked like, so i told him i'd show him the next day.  well, i did & he goes on to tell me that daddy's old girlfriend was a lot prettier. thanks, buddy, love you too.  i think ben's a sucker for brunettes, that little stinker. 

anyways, the tests came back that he just had a virus, so that was good news & we are now able to be around friends.  hallelujah! 

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