Wednesday, August 10, 2011

turtles & otters & goats, oh my!

i was wanting to try & make the final days of "freedom" for my boy extra fun before the years & years of school were to begin.  i know that's not a good way of looking at it, but i have so enjoyed our ability to do as we pretty much please the past 5 years & learning as we go about day to day.  i am honestly thrilled that he loves school & hopes his desire to learn only grows.  anyways, we ended up going to the zoo  with some of benj & gracie's best buddies. 

it was fun, but they started begging for snacks before we got out of amazonia (the first part).  the turtle was not sharing his food.

the otters are always the highlight of the zoo adventure.

followed closely this time by the feeding of the goats. 

the most special part for mr. b though, was just getting to be with his friends (&sis) & play at their home.  it's the simple things in life...

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