Wednesday, August 10, 2011

we've got a big kindergartener on our hands

as i type this at 9:17pm, the talking about the day has finally quieted down (he ended up sleeping with daddio tonight).  benj had not much to say about school "it was fun" until after books were read & lights were off.  then, he was on.  & on. & on.  oh, what we learned too!

some of his tidbits:
he's thinking we should switch off everyday for bus riding - mom taking him to school.  apparently, he felt a bit carsick.  but we figured out it may have been due to the heat.  don't know yet what our plan will be.  today, i ended up showing up at school just to make sure he made it ok (he did).

1st potty break the boys were quiet & the girls weren't.  2nd potty break the boys were loud & the girls were quiet.  & some girl stuck out her tounge at him & said "girls first nnuh!" 

he has a friend that said he knows him from karate (ben's never taken karate) in his class.  we think it's from t-ball.  that boy doesn't know what it means to put a bubble in your mouth & he got on ben for not having a bubble in his mouth.  ben said he told him it just meant to be quiet. 

listening is exhausting to him. "they just go on & on & makes me so tired," he said.  we had a talk about how that's how we learn & how important being an active listener is.

there's a gracie that he is around at some point in time & she bugs him. 

ben can't wait for piano.  he's going to play a good night song to make the teacher fall asleep he thinks. 

there's a few more, but i'm not going to write them on here, but will in his baby(big kid) book because they are just priceless.

oh & after getting off the bus today, he got to play at his friend conner's home (he lives right at the bus stop).  conner & ben were trying to get the guys working next door with water guns until we noticed what they were up to.  then us moms got it. 

that about sums up his day.  now time for momma to hit the sack too.  these mornings are quite a change!!

some pics of the day:

zacky waking him up

ben smiling for me
waiting for the bus (i cropped out the sweet 2nd grader, gavin, that helped ben find his classroom this morning)
& off he goes!!

we already have the breakfast order in for tomorrow (cereal with blueberries), gracie sleeping in her good morning clothes, ben's clothes layed out, lunch packed & 2 alarms set.  hopefully, we get this down pat soon!!

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